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Most beautiful books in Austria

Ratio – Diary V by Peter Raneburger is one of the most beautiful books in Austria. Here is the jury’s reasoning:

In 2006 almost nothing happens. Then we follow Peter Raneburger’s diary entries up to 2019. Personal comments, thoughts and quotes on world events guide us through the course of the year on several levels. The time runs as an invisible calendar, set in a beige decorative color, made visible by the moon changes. Filled and empty pages alternate and depict Raneburger’s life, thoughts and work exactly chronologically. A rhythm in the course of the year becomes visible. Theoretical essays and a dialogue are arranged chronologically, as are work groups and exhibition views. The content is not rated typographically, all texts are equal. No labeling disturbs or distracts from the content. It’s not just the LL Bradford font that impresses with its special numerals – everything about this book, from the format to the features, is skilfully chosen.

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