Neumeister Wermut ( by Studio Bruch—Idee&Form)

The Weingut Neumeister Vermouth. Carefully selected herbs and spices from the Saziani Stubn make this one very, very special.

  1.  (Project: Neumeister Wermut © Bruch—Idee&Form)
  2.  (Project: Neumeister Wermut © Bruch—Idee&Form)

Neumeister Wermut

Carefully selected herbs and spices form the basis for vermouth from the Neumeister winery. With the illustration by Max Löffler, we want to take up this mix of limes, grapefruit, ginger, cloves, star anise, wormwood & cardamom and create a striking and haunting label.

  • Creative&Art Direction

  • Illustration
    Max Löffler